Best Social Media Bulk Schedule Post Tools: Publer Review

Social Media Bulk Schedule Post Tools: Now Day Social Media is Main Way for Marketing and Buy any Product. Many People Active in Social Media. If you need to Sell any Product Social Media Marketing is the Best Way to Selling Products but it is not easy because We Can Handle at the time only 1 Social Media. we unable to handle multiple social media at a time.

We have This Problem Two Solution as per below.

  1. Hire People for Handle Multiple Social Media
  2. Social Media Manager Tool (Social Media Bulk Schedule Post Tools)

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I will Explain you both in Depth of my experiiance.

If you Hire Person then you will provide salary, Laptop/Computer, Your Account Access, Consume Power, Time and you need to train him for how work done and make procesore for him. so it is more dificult but it is also doing still many people.

I have facing many problems and after searching for the best way of social media bulk schedule. some social media provide you simply manually schedule your post but it takes more time and still may social media not allow schedule post Example: Instagram.

I have searching many social media Manager tools and already Used them but not found any tools which are more effective but when I use Publer Social media Manager Tools my All Problem is Solved because it is in my Budget. Publer is Best Social Media Bulk Schedule Post Tools.

I will explain to you Everything how Punler Help me to Manage my Social Media Account for Bulk Schedule Post at the time. before I Use Publer My Mind Confused many thoughts in Manage social media. when I will Publer I have Done my 6 Month Work in just 1 Day. Those are Really Magical tools.

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Publer Handle below Social Media for Schedule Post.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Linkedin
  5. Pinterest
  6. Youtube
  7. Google My Business

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How can Work Publer Social Media Tools for You.

Publer Tools Design is User Friendly. You can easily understand the Work schedule Post, Add Social Media Account, Bulk Schedule Post from CSV Import, and Bulk Upload.

Step:1 Press Add Account for Add Social Media Account in Publer.

You can Show below Image and Press Add Account Button for Add Social Media Account in Publer.

Step: 2 Setup Your Account Accoring your Require.

As per below Screen Short you can Setup Your Each Account and Schedule Each Account Post as per Your Requirment.

Step: 3 Post Schedule Manage each Hours, Day & Week Auto Schedule & Recycle.

You can Manage your Social media Post for Each Account as per below Screen Short Hours, Days & Week.

You can Also Add Specific Time Per Day Publish Post interval Automatic.

same Screen you can Show Watermarks, Signatures, URL Settings, and Short Code also.

You can Add Watermark and Signatures for your Publish all Post.

Step: 4 Create Post From Publer to Facebook, Instagram Etc..

After Add Social Media Account Next Step is to Create Post in Publer and Schedule. Now You have many options on how to Schedule your Post like single Schedule Post, Bulk Schedule Post by Bulk Upload & CSV Upload.

How to Bulk Upload Post in Social Media

You can Upload Bulk Photo & Video Post on Social Media through Publer as per the above Steps. you can Press Bulk Uploader and You can show below Screen Short. Many Expensive tools provide this type of facility publer is one of the best Tools Provide the Lowest Cost Provide Same features for You.

Publer Provide Option for upload image/Video from External URL, Online via Google Drive, Dropbox, Unsplash & Library and Direct your PC/Mobile Device.

You can Store image oo Post in Draft or Publer Internal Media file.

Really I want Like below Feature of Publer so I am Use this. I will Share you some best Feature and benifit of Punbler.

  • You can Try Most of the Paid Features for Free 5 Social Accounts free, 50 Scheduled Post, 25 Post Save as Draft, Published Post Deleted from the Server after 24 Hours.
  • one of the best feauture is Follow-up for Conmment you can build Automation in your each Post Comment as per below Screen Short.
  • You can Create Customize posts for each social media account at a time.
  • If you select ARGENTUM Plan then you can Publish 500 Schedule Post Once at a time.
  • Publer Provide Good Live Chat Customer Support.
  • Finally, Publer Provides many Premium features in Free Version also.

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